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Hello everyone! We are in the process of creating a fully functional website. This is taking a while because we are looking into several different website services. We want the best serviced website to match the service we give to each and every client. This is the site that we have up right now. We hope we will be making the mortgage process a painless procedure. You can apply online, fax all the documents you need, log in to our site and get updates about where you stand in the loan process. Also, by doing this maybe we can save some trees!

I suggest you check it out. Especially if your in the market right now looking for a top notch mortgage professional to finance your dreams.


Linked in you say?

Yes, and I can’t say enough good things about it either.

Linked In is a networking site to connect clients, previous employers, business partners, etc. You go on it, register, create a profile, then you start connecting with people. You can add your entire contact list from your outlook or whatever mail service you use.

Since we have had the privilege of working with some really great people, we were able to get some really great recommendations.

Amit Raut is Owner of Raut media and is by far my most popular contact on there. He wrote me the most wonderful recommendation and I was able to return the favor by writing something nice on his profile.

Ann Tannen an extremely insightful, talented, experienced real estate agent who is owner of The Tannen Group wrote me a well written recommendation also.

There is many more including Ruth Tilghman, Gary Maher, and Paul ferrara, whom are all important professionals that are great to have in my network.

Some other things you can do with it..

It is basically your resume on a website, so find jobs, meet new people, look to hire new people, and share knowledge within your network.

So go ahead and show off your professional network, check out some of my recommendations, and last but not least add me to your linked in profile!

FSBO = For Sale By Owner.

In todays world everyone has the idea that if they can list their homes on or or they can pull it off  and sell their home themselves and save some serious bucks in the process.

What it comes down to is in the real estate market today you need the assistance of a professional.

You could either put up your white flag and list your home with a realtor.


Find out how we are using our expertise in mortgage financing to  give you the same tools real estate agents are using to sell their own listings.

What we get out of it is the business of your prospecting buyers. We thrive off of bringing buyers to your doorstep, after that, we get the financing paperwork done and your house is just that much closer to being sold.

It seems like everyone is listing their homes for sale by owner… so If you want a leg up in getting your home sold quicker than your rivals Mr. and Mrs. Yarlsdale across the street, give us a call today.