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When it comes to Ditech, you’ve got a big name your dealing with. I’m sure everyone’s seen the commercials offering low rates. What I don’t understand is how they can run an ad with a set rate when rates can change HOURLY. Must be all that fine print. Ever read all that fine print? There are alot of fee’s involved in that fine print that your local mortgage broker (Ford Financial) won’t ever charge you. Like a “Lock in Fee”. They actually charge you money to lock in an interest rate.

..Like you even know when the best time to lock in a rate is?

That’s not meant as an insult in anyway, one of the advantages you get with us is the expertise of when to lock in the rate. Usually, our clients say. “ok I trust you just lock me in whenever you feel it will be the lowest”. This could mean saving you a hundred bucks every single month because you went with a knowlegable loan officer rather than a profit machine. So Whatever you do, if you dont use us here at ford financial, just please dont use Ditech.

Disclaimer – Ditech is probably an upstanding mortgage company that will finance/refinance your home. What it comes down to is EVERYONE offers the same low rates, Ditech is no lower than our rates, the difference is the knowledge our loan officers have in getting you the perfect loan while giving you the perfect service. So, go ahead and give us a look, you’ll be glad you did.


With the housing market in a huge down turn it is more important than ever to know what your own house is worth before you start looking. Even more important is knowing your buying power.

So what is your Buying Power?

Knowing what kind of loan you can qualify for and how much your monthly payment will be.

Banks are discontinuing loan programs on a daily basis. This means you might qualify one day for a certain loan program and the next day another loan program might benefit you even better.

Interest rates are volatile because of the uncertainty in todays stock market especially with mortgage bonds.

In my opinion you should keep your expectations open for fluctations in rate and fluctations in value. Always keep an open mind!