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After some time well spent, we can proudly say that we are FHA GURU’s. Sooo lets begin..

What is FHA?

The Federal Housing Administration. Although you probably are hearing more and more about FHA government loans it is NOT some new program. It has only been since the mortgage meltdown that FHA loan programs have risen to the top and are helping LOTS of people!!

Why FHA?

FHA doesn’t provide the money, they just provide the insurance on the money. Because of the declining housing market and increasing foreclosures/defaulting loans, mortagage insurance companies are becoming more and more strict about whose loans they insure and it’s coming back to bite YOU, the consumer, in the behind. FHA is the governments way of “coming to the rescue”.

Can you benefit from FHA?

Yes. There is a VERY VERY high possibility that a FHA government issued loan/refinance can help you get out of financial troubles.

Ford Financial as a mortgage company is adapting to these current changes. Now-a-days you have to put up your left leg and first born to the big bankers to get a decent interest rate on a loan. We know the “In’s and out’s” of the FHA loan programs.

The next few blogs will be all information about FHA so come back and learn a little will ya?

Realize how YOU can benefit.


So since being home from college Me and Sharon Ford(my mother) had been thinking about putting together a seminar Specifically a seminar for 3 types of people…

1. People with High Debt

2. People interested in a special government loan
(like the stimulus package?.. you’ll love this)

3. ANYONE.. bring your friends, your family, a person you met on the street this morning on your way to work after you had your bagel an orange juice..

So I can’t actually recommend bringing a stranger off the street, but they would probably learn a lot if ya did!

Call us for details or check back here for more updates.