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The mortgage industry can have a bad reputation at times.

Lets face it, there are people that work in this business that are only looking for a fat paycheck, even if it means that their one client will struggle for years to come.

What is certain is that many people do not know about kickbacks. This is a term in the industry used to describe what a realtor or someone would ask for from a loan officer in exchange for providing them with business. The broker can now charge a higher rate and can manipulate, YOU, the consumer. WE HAVE NEVER PAID OUT A KICKBACK IN EXCHANGE FOR BUSINESS. We want to be noticed and used because of the extreme quality of service to our clients not from a HIGHLY illegal pay off.

We focus on YOU and personally put you in the right loan program regardless of whatever we COULD make. In the beginning we received the majority of our business from repeat investors and previous clients family members. This is because we care about our clients and they trust us in return. So give us a try, you’ll be glad you did!

check out our contacts page.. or links page for links to mortgage calculators, give us a call and we can walk you through it if you need help!!

The ByrdMan


Hello everyone!

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I will also be posting about few personal dealings to show you all that Ford Financial really is the Mortgage Broker that breaks the mold

check out the “Why I am good at what I do” section to learn a little more about me and how I do business.

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